Dental Health & Insurance 101


Many of us remember our childhood as a time of endless sugary treats: Jolly Ranchers, popsicles, chewing gum, M&Ms, Pixie Sticks, and various other brightly colored confections that will probably soon be banned in the United States (many already are in the E.U.!). Unfortunately, it seems that our children have inherited our love for sweets, and that means they are suffering.

Here are 3 Tips and Tricks on how to keep tooth decay at bay for your children:

1) Start a brushing and cleaning routine as soon as your child’s first baby teeth start developing. Just getting used to making oral health a part of your child’s daily routine can be helpful to both parent and child;

2) Encourage healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables and limit sweet snacks and drinks. Nutrition and diet can have a huge impact on your child’s oral health and long-term habits;

3) Avoid grazing all day and help your kids to try brushing or rinsing with water after each meal/snack. Sugary food and drink that sit on your teeth are the biggest culprits for causing tooth decay! Regular at-home care and professional cleanings can save your family money and even protect your children from decay and gum disease.

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