Health & Wellness

Over many years, studies have found that there is one thing that every human needs in order to stay healthy: Accountability. However, many people do not want to use a personal trainer or attend a  gym. Why?

Nobody likes to be uncomfortable. Many people feel uncomfortable having a stranger hovering over them, and telling them to do something difficult. Another hindrance to staying healthy is ignorance. Most people get discouraged because they don’t know where to start. “How many reps should I do?” “What’s my target heart rate?” “What can I eat?” Almost everyone has asked these questions before.

So how do we solve this dilemma? Online Fitness Coaching. The online fitness coach is a highly qualified trainer who will work with you right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Instead of following you around at the gym, an online fitness coach will write up a daily meal plan and exercise regimen, all tailored to your exact needs. Then, the coach will keep you accountable as well as motivated, through daily or weekly calls, texts, and emails (you chose the frequency). The coach will help you keep track of your progress and adjust your meal and exercise plans as needed. Online Fitness Coaching can be a great solution for anyone looking to stay healthy or get into shape.