Dental Insurance 101


Confused about your dental insurance plan? Trust us. You are not alone! Navigating even the surface waters of dental insurance is a complicated and sometimes discouraging adventure. At our office, we have dedicated staff members constantly working to understand and maximize your dental insurance benefits for you. We know our patients want to better understand what they are paying for, and we want to help.

One of the first things you may want to consider is whether dental insurance is actually “insurance?” In our opinion, most of today’s “dental insurance” plans are not really “insurance.” You likely have car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or medical insurance. These plans “insure” or protect you against possible, even unlikely, occurrences like a home fire, car accident or serious physical injury or illness. You pay premiums so that your plan will cover the cost of repair, replacement or medical care. Most of us would be unable to pay these unlikely, but significant costs without these plans; thus we insure against them.

Dental insurance plans do not insure against a possible or unlikely occurrence. This is because basic and regular dental care is necessary and typical just to maintain your oral health. In an average year, 2 cleanings, an exam, and x-rays are the bare minimum of what a healthy person needs to maintain good oral health.    

We care about you and the health of your family. It may be helpful to consider your dental care an investment. You need the bare minimum, but other aspects of your dental care may be inevitable, so don’t delay.

Take advantage of your preventative benefits! Regular cleanings and exams are quick, easy and the key to preventing more expensive procedures.